Upper Elementary

Montessori Upper Elementary

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Upper Elementary is a multi-aged classroom for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.
The Upper Elementary curriculum is designed to be responsive to the social, emotional, and academic needs of students ages 9 -12 years old. The classroom is a learning laboratory where children discover, explore, and expand their knowledge of academic subjects of significant interest and become their own person.

Montessori Upper Elementary curriculum and instruction integrate Montessori with national and state curriculum standards. Subjects like science, literature, math, and art are integrated. Small group and cooperative learning alternate with independent work time and teach children how to work individually and in groups while maintaining individuality.

Writing skills are emphasized across the curriculum, with journal entries promoting critical thinking. Daily community meetings provide a forum for children to be active participants in the decision-making and problem-solving processes in the classroom, government, and sometimes worldwide issues.

Skills in time management and a sense of accountability are fostered as our children learn to maintain a balance between work and socialization. Students emerge as self-motivated, independent learners, equipped with sound work habits. Each student is provided with an education based on an individual level.

Each spring Upper Elementary takes an overnight field trip to a place related to the year’s studies. Examples of past field trips include Kartchner Caverns, Kitt Peak, and the Grand Canyon. Throughout the year, Upper Elementary hosts several fundraisers to cover the cost of field trips, thus learning economics and entrepreneurship. Students understand the community outside themselves, including their parents. Most importantly, Upper Elementary students build a lifelong love of learning through the joy of actual work, creative expression, and discovery.