Middle School

Montessori Middle School Program

For enrollment packets and information, please call us at 520-398-0536!

The Middle School Program helps 7th and 8th graders develop real-world skills that they will need when they continue on their educational journey. We work with the students to develop their identity and their principles through an open, tolerant environment that encourages discussion and understanding as well as critical reflection and dialogue.

Our aim across content areas is to help students develop their own learning goals and expectations for their work and performance. Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek their own answers. We blend curricular disciplines by using a problem-solving approach within individualized instruction.

The Middle School program provides a curriculum that is focused on developing a child’s academic, social and emotional skills. This is accomplished through the offering of an engaging curriculum that provides opportunities for students to develop as creative thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators. The program also focuses on helping students develop independence, responsibility and self-confidence through projects and leadership opportunities within the school and community.