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Montessori Philosophy

Based on the teaching philosophy of Maria Montessori, Montessori de Santa Cruz strives to bring both academic and artistic enrichment to the lives of it's students. Maria Montessori's vision was for school to be a window to the ever expanding universe. She saw children as explorers who would seek learning at every turn if given the freedom and an environment prepared especially to meet their individual developmental needs.

Montessori Curriculum

The academic program aligns with the Arizona State Academic Standards using the methods and learning materials unique to a Montessori education. The classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori materials and expand to include current trends in education. Built into the philosophy is the belief that education should be more than memorization, repetition, and standardized testing. The Montessori approach to whole child education allows your child to develop the critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that fuels success in the classroom and beyond.

Character Education

Character education begins with The Virtues Project™ which is a positive, holistic approach designed to bring out the best in children and help them develop a strong moral compass and a strong sense of self. It is based on the idea that virtues exist within individuals and simply need to be awakened. Each child learns to build upon his virtues. Faculty and staff members strive to learn and guide toward conflict resolution, peer mediation, responsibility, and clear communication at all levels.

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