Montessori School Board Staffed with Top Quality Tubac Citizens

The MdSC School Board is lucky to have a number of great Tubac citizens volunteering to help run the business of the school, along with assisting in the ongoing development of Montessori de Santa Cruz. Many hours are dedicated all year long, in which incredible work is happening between the board and administrators to execute the vision of the school.

Our board members had an opportunity to be interviewed this year by our local newspaper, The Villager.  The purpose of the article written by our very own school parent, Madeline Acorta was to get to know the members of the MdSC school board, and find out more about what makes them volunteer their service.

Madeline asked asked Board members to answer the following questions:

1. What is your current role in our community?

2. What skills or specialities do you bring to the board?

3. What motivates you to volunteer your time and energy to help the school?

1. I am a Real Estate Broker and owner of the Harrison Real Estate Group that handles all types of Real Estate needs. I am a Montessori De Santa Cruz Charter School Founder and President, as well as a community volunteer and supporter.

2. I bring good communication and business skills to the MdSC School Board, as well as many community ties and lots of experience from being on many different boards.

3. I am motivated to give families a choice to provide an education that can give their children the best skills for learning, communication and empowerment, in order to succeed and become great global citizens.

I believe that a community without a school is not a complete community. So many parents, donors, volunteers and school board members have given thousands of hours to keep this great school in Tubac. We need all the support we can get, and I welcome all of our local citizens to get involved and do what they can to support the wonderful kids and their families at our Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School.

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

1. I have lived in Amado for over 30 years managing the family farm/ranch.

2. The main skills I bring to the school are loyalty and commitment. I never thought 16 years ago that I would still be on the school Board, but here I am. Through highs and lows, Todd and I have coaxed the school along because we believe in the outcomes. My two children are graduating from college and I attribute their ability to successfully navigate a complicated world to having learned the “Montessori way” at Montessori de Santa Cruz. It feels good to be a part of giving that opportunity to others.

3. One of the great joys of being on the school Board is being able to watch the children grow and flourish. When they graduate from the school, I know that they have gained Emotional IQ as well as Academic IQ, which will give them an advantage in life. They are all making a positive difference in the world, wherever they are.
The highlight of my week is when I help with the Organic Gardening class. The dialogue with the students and working with the plants is wonderful. I have the opportunity to get to know so many dynamic young people as they come to play and learn in the dirt, week after week, year after year.

Our exceptional Board, Staff, and Parents are another motivator to show up and help where I can. I am thrilled with how the school is moving forward in such a positive way, and I look forward to many more years of shared experiences.

Laurinda Oswald

Laurinda Oswald

1. I am happily retired from 40 years in financial services. I’m currently a board member for the Montessori de Santa Cruz; President of my local HOA (Tubac Golf Resort HOA) and I’ve created and support the Tubac Healthcare Foundation website.

2. I bring years of leadership, relationship building, and business skills to support the growth and success of the students of Montessori de Santa Cruz.

3. I joined the Montessori Board because I believe that our success as a country depends on our children and their ability to think and create beyond what traditional schools offer today.

Bob Ochoa

Robert (Bob) Ochoa
School Board Member

1. I am a retired school principal from the Nogales Unified School District. I have lived with my family in the Tubac community for over 25 years.

2. I began my teaching career at a bilingual, Montessori charter school in Austin, Texas.  After moving to Nogales in the early 70’s, I worked in various capacities in the Nogales school district for over 20 years.This included being a 2nd grade teacher in a bilingual program, an ESL specialist and supervisor, a Reading Specialist at the Alternative High School, a Title VII program coordinator, an Assistant Principal at Desert Shadows Middle School and Nogales High School and, finally, retiring as Principal from Welty Elementary School.

3. My primary motivation in joining the Montessori Board was to use the educational and leadership skills that I have gained over the years and give back to the Tubac Community and its children in any way I can.

Our children ARE our future.


Claudia Welden
Charter Representative
School Board Member

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