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The role of the Montessori teacher is to help match each child with the work appropriate for them, adjusting as needed for every individual as they master concepts and look for challenges. The Montessori teacher is a role model, an educational resource, an observer and environmental engineer. Montessori de Santa Cruz teachers are truly caretakers of the educational and emotional growth of their students, while bringing their own individual flavor to their classic Montessori classrooms.

The training of the teacher is something far more than learning ideas. It includes the training of character. It is a preparation of the spirit.

-Maria Montessori

Mandy Huerta


Isabel Clarke


Jocy Mendoza

Paraprofessional & Music Teacher

Lysette Cervantes

Primary Paraprofessional

Kate Valenzuela

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher

America Lozoya

Paraprofessional & art Teacher

Pryscilla Heredia

Lower Elementary Paraprofessional

Jolanne Palumbo

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher

Leah Thalheimer-Karam

Primary Lead Teacher

Elizabeth Mendoza

Gardening Teacher

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