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Montessori de Santa Cruz

Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School is a public school that is free to all students. It also has an excellent tuition-based preschool program that offers a nurturing learning environment and childcare for young children in our surrounding communities.

The MdSC academic program aligns with the Arizona State Academic Standards using the methods and learning materials unique to a Montessori education. The classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori materials and expand to include current trends in education. Built into the philosophy is the belief that education should be more than memorization, repetition, and standardized testing. The Montessori approach to whole child education allows the development of critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that fuels success in the classroom and beyond.

Montessori Child with Learning Tray

Here at Montessori de Santa Cruz, we take each child individually and believe strongly in each child’s overall development.

Mandy Huerta — Principal

Our Mission

The mission of Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School is to create an environment wherein the highest potential of each child – spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual – may be realized.

Our emphasis is on the whole personality of the child, respect for all life, personal empowerment and a nurturing, safe environment resulting in a well-educated, thoughtful and responsible global citizen.

We are blessed with a unique culture in the Santa Cruz Valley and envision the school reflecting all aspects of our community.  These community members, in turn, participate in the ongoing development of the school culture.

Our Vision

We provide an integrated approach to learning that involves children, their families, and the community.

We embrace the spirit and philosophy of Maria Montessori.

We nurture a life-long passion for learning.

We are recognized as a vital resource in this diverse Santa Cruz region.

Everything with joy!