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Growth and Transformation

According to Maria Montessori, "The child is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Like a seedling or a butterfly, the child goes through periods of steady or rapid development."

Authentic Montessori

"A philosophy that dictates the children hold the key to their own growth and transformation."


"When a dream is expressed and a desire heartfelt, doors open along the way."


"A Montessori education should provide a child with an uninterrupted series of learning passages…"

Preschool / Kindergarten

This program is for ages 3-5 and consists of five main areas including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Arts, Math and the exploration of Physical, Cultural and Natural Worlds. The children are given individualized instruction by a Montessori certified lead teacher.

Lower Elementary Program
Upper Elementary Program
Gardening Program
Music Program

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